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Historias de Impacto!
U Lab Donostia turns 5 years
U. Lab Donostia turns 5 years A journey through Theory U On Thursday, January 23 we celebrate the anniversary of U. Lab Donostia in an event  - We
29 January 2020 | donostia
The first district synonymous with luxury
First district – Innere Stadt The first district synonymous with luxury, posh clothes and shoes. Fancy bars and restaurants. Yet, luxury doesn’t
23 November 2017 | Impact Hub
Sustainability Is Here To Stay
Fear not, because this is where sustainable entrepreneurs and their start-ups come in to save the day.
06 October 2017 | Impact Hub
A Viennese Perspective
Whether you are a tree-hugger or more of a pragmatic spirit, to most of us it’s clear that taking better care of our planet would essentially be a good thing.
06 October 2017 | Impact Hub
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